Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Top 7 Job Candidate Mistakes that MUST be Eliminated during Interviews: Which mistakes are you making?

Talk Show host Dr. Arlene Barro created her WIN Without Competing! show for candidates, employees, entrepreneurs and employers to learn about her Right Fit Method from her guest interviews.

On WIN Without Competing! Dr. Arlene will set the stage for you to hit the ground running in 2012. If you are searching for a new position, whether you are employed or not, you must turn your wish into a plan with a carefully crafted campaign. Knowing how to conduct yourself during interviews is an essential component of your plan.

Whether it is easy or not so easy for you to get an interview, the question is are you getting offers? Of course, you will not receive any offers if you are eliminated on the first or second telephone interview or shortly thereafter. You would be amazed how many people are snuffed out like a candle early in the interview process. Have you had that experience? If so, you must figure out right now what mistakes you are making.

To help you in this noble goal, Dr. Arlene will discuss the top 7 job candidate mistakes. Find out which mistakes you are making and stop. But, what do you do next? Dr. Arlene will tell you. Get yourself ready to change your behavior and achieve career success now!