Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stephen Citron: Authority Extraordinare on Musical Theater

Talk Show host Dr. Arlene Barro created her WIN Without Competing! show for candidates, employees, entrepreneurs and employers to learn about her Right Fit Method from her guest interviews.

Dr. Arlene's guest is Stephen Citron, composer, lyricist, author, lecturer, teacher, and authority on musical theater who is a product of the Julliard School of Music. Mr. Citron's book "Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft" is in its 17th edition and a newly revised edition was recently published. In the field of musical biography, he has written three dual biographies including "Noel and Cole: The Sophisticates" chosen as one of the New York Times Best Books of the Year. At Carnegie Hall in his studio, he taught piano and composition for many years. Citron has published songs here and abroad, accompanied Edith Piaf and wrote the score, music and lyrics to One More Song, the Judy Garland Musical which lives on after its debut in the mid 1980's. He will share stories of his glamorous life in Paris. Citron is married to celebrity biographer, Anne Edwards, and they live in Beverly Hills, California.

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