Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Independent Filmmaker Suzanne DeLaurentiis: Head, Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions

Talk Show host Dr. Arlene Barro created her WIN Without
Competing! show for candidates, employees, entrepreneurs and employers to learn about her Right Fit Method from her guest interviews.

On WIN Without Competing! Dr. Arlene will interview Suzanne DeLaurentiis who follows in the footsteps of her family of successful filmmakers, producers and directors. Her company, Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions, independently produced 10th & Wolf, Brothers By Blood, Silicon Towers, Pocket Ninjas, Skate Dragons, Twin Towers, Graduation Day, Out of the Black, Shut-up Kiss and Me, A Month of Sundays, The Vegas Connection, Mutant Man, Swiss Family Robinson, Mannequin 2, Rocky V, Transylmania and New Hope Manor and many others. The film 10th & Wolf, a drama based on the investigations of mob informant Joe Postone, aka Donnie Brasco, won numerous awards.

Suzanne Delaurentiis has won the prestigious Opal Award from Women in Film, a lifetime award for music in independent films from the Hollywood Fame Awards and The Distinguished Founders Award for Excellence in Filmmaking from the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Delaurentiis started the Cinema City International Film Festival which debuted at Universal Studios in 2007 and was rated one of the top 25 Film Festivals by MovieMaker Magazine in the festival’s second year. She conducts lectures and workshops, mentoring up-and-coming actors and filmmakers. Suzanne has helped hundreds of talented people jumpstart their careers. At the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, the fifth Cinema City International Film Festival took place in September featuring the film Like Dandelion Dust starring Barry Pepper, Cole Hauser and Mira Sorvino.

Join Dr. Arlene as she uncovers Suzanne DeLaurentiis’ fascinating career from her childhood roots to her teenage acting career, to her acclaimed singing nightclub act at age 20 (mentored by her cousin Frankie Avalon) to acclaimed filmmaker.

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