Thursday, February 9, 2012

Passionately Persuade with the Right Verbiage

Passionately Persuade with the Right Verbiage

I believe that business and career success are up to YOU.

Whether you are searching for a new position, pursuing a promotion, or growing your business, YOU must know exactly what to say both verbally and in writing to elicit the response you want.

I have observed that business and career disappointments are strongly correlated with assuming that others know what we have done for them, could do for them or would do for them, if given the opportunity. Reflect on what I am saying. If I have described your situation, let's talk. YOU must learn how to Passionately Persuade with the Right Verbiage.

A Conversation with Dr. Arlene
Arrange a 45-minute or 60-minute conversation with Dr. Arlene to discuss her business or job search strategies including Interview without Resume or Introduction and to master the mindset of Manage the Process and the Pick, Probe, and Pitch broadcast. And of course, you must Master the Number ONE Blockbuster Business and Career Strategy for 2012!
To arrange your conversation, email Dr. Arlene or call 310-443-4277. You will receive her book WIN Without Competing!: Career Success the Right Fit Way. The appointment must be arranged on or before February 12th and take place before February 20th.

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