Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Grads: Avoid the Fatal Resume Mistake

“What are the secrets of a winning job hunt? Few experts offer advice as intriguing – or usable – about that quest as Arlene Barro, president and CEO of L.A.-based barro global search, inc…” –UCLA Magazine

“If you don’t understand THAT YOU HAVE A BRAND AND WHAT YOUR BRAND IS, you can’t sell it. Job seekers rarely realize that a ‘brandless’ resume can result in no interviews and ‘brandless’ interviews in never receiving offers. Right Fit Branding is the solution!” – Dr. Arlene Barro

Jobseekers frequently assume that sending out professionally prepared resumes is the key to capturing interviews. If that were true, then most jobseekers would be actively interviewing. But, they are not. Why? Resumes must have a distinct, intriguing, and recognizable brand so that the jobseekers stand out in their field. If that brand is missing, employers cannot quickly identify whom to interview. Consequently, brandless resumes are eliminated and the candidates do not understand why.

No interviews? No job offers? Wrong job offers? Whether you’re a new college graduate or a highly successful executive, you need branding to capture the Right Fit job.

Dr. Arlene, Branding & Hiring Expert, has the perfect solution—a distinct, recognizable, and intriguing brand. Employers must grasp your brand in a flash. Your brand has two sides like a coin: the written script (resume) and the verbal broadcast (interview). And you must know how to brand both sides. The key is creating the Right Fit Brand first and using that in the resume and at the interview.

Avoid the fatal resume mistake! For new grads, branding is especially important. They usually have limited work experience and accomplishments. Before jumping into the job market circus, they should evaluate the power of their brand. To do that, use Dr. Arlene’s app – iBrandU4Hire: Rate Your Brand Zero to Hire. No iDevice? Click here for the solution. Use the app to learn how to craft and communicate the Right Fit Brand to capture the Right Fit job.

Jobseekers, say this mantra to yourself:
My Right Fit Brand is the key to persuading the employer to hire me.

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