Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Use the Right Fit Method to Make the Right Decisions

Early in life, Dr. Arlene’s father gave her the gift of making decisions using the Standard of the Right Fit, the foundation of the Right Fit Method. She grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts nearby the birthplace of John F. Kennedy. Her father, a public person, set the stage for her to stand out and succeed. He taught her how to understand “with whom you’re dealing,” figure out Right Fits, and set high standards. Looking back she fondly remembers his teachings including creating a blueprint to select a Right Fit Banana. That blueprint still works today!

Dr. Arlene grew up seeing the world through Right Fit Lenses. She asked, “Who or What is the Right Fit?” She never compared options seeking the Best. Instead, Dr. Arlene created the Mindset of WIN Without Competing! and the Right Fit Method to reach that goal. Implementing the Mindset and the Method enable the user to achieve unparalleled business, career, and personal success.

Dr. Arlene is passionate about empowering candidates, employees, employers, and entrepreneurs on implementing Right Fit Strategies to explode their brand. She loves watching her clients’ success soar as they WIN Without Competing!

Do you have Glasses with Right Fit Lenses?

WIN Without Competing! is a drama in four acts:
Act I Setting the Stage
Act II How the Right Fit Method Works
Act III Apply the Right Fit Method
Act IV The Right Fit Method and You

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WIN Without Competing!
Dr. Barro

 About Dr. Arlene

Dr. Arlene Barro, behavioral educational psychologist, author of WIN Without Competing! (nominated for a business book award) and the 5-star app & cow video iBrandU4Hire: Rate Your Brand Zero to Hire, is a UCLA-trained PhD with distinction for her doctoral dissertation on creativity. Dr. Arlene, Branding & Hiring Expert, is a Business Consultant and Master Career Coach, Professional Motivational Speaker represented by AEI Speakers Bureau, Radio Talk Show Host of the WIN Without Competing! show, and CEO of barro global search, inc.

Dr. Arlene, business and career strategist, consults with clients coast-to-coast and places candidates globally.

Dr. Arlene Barro
(310) 443-4277 (dir)
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