Thursday, January 19, 2017

Do You Agree with 65 Plus Reps Boycotting Inauguration?

I do not. We elect and pay all Members of the House of Representatives to do their jobs. For 65 Plus Representatives to shirk their responsibilities is not acceptable. Attending the Presidential Inauguration is part of their "job description." According to our Constitution, it is their responsibility to participate in a peaceful transition of power. They are required to uphold the Constitution, which they swore they would do. Should there be consequences for not upholding the Constitution?

Partisan politics is irrelevant. Liking or not liking the new president is irrelevant. Even Bill and Hillary Clinton are attending the Inauguration which signifies the need for unity of both parties to unite. What will the boycott achieve? The world will be watching the Inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. The boycott of 65 Plus Democratic House Representatives is an unnecessary detrimental distraction. We face many global challenges. Every member of Congress should attend to show the world we are ready for a peaceful transition of power. We are a strong country!

Working against Trump will not work. He is determined to achieve his goal. Trump is like a surgeon. He will cut them out his way and do the job without them if he must do that. 

Many of the boycotters represent the inner city. Trump vows do fix up the inner cities. He selected Dr. Ben Carson, who grew up in poverty, and will be the Secretary of HUD. Carson is an excellent role model for those who want to escape from a life of poverty, seeking a bright future. Carson is consumed with passion to make that dream happen for others, as he did for himself. 

The boycotters forget that Trump alone cannot be successful. The Inauguration represents a new administration. Unity must be the goal of both parties. Boycotters, be gone!

Important question: Should there be consequences for the House Reps who did not attend the Inauguration which means that they did not uphold the Constitution which states they have a responsibility to participate in a peaceful transition of power

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