Thursday, November 20, 2014

Irving Berlin Quit Songwriting: He couldn’t Fix the Fit

On the WIN Without Competing! show, Episode 90, Don’t Quit Your Job: Fix the Fit, Dr. Arlene discusses music legend Irving Berlin to demonstrate that even he could not Fix the Fit when Rock n’ Roll hit.  Was it his ego that prevented him from doing that?
Berlin wrote more than 200 songs including God Bless America, White Christmas, Easter Parade, and Alexander’s Ragtime Band.  He was hired to write songs for stage and film musicals.  He even owned his own musical theatre, The Music Box, in New York City. 

Before age 30, he was a music legend.  He started his career when he left the 6th grade to support his family, after his father died.

Here’s how Berlin Fixed the Fit in the Army…  He hated getting up at 5am.  He wrote songs all night long and needed to sleep during the day. What did he do?

He told the head of the Army base that he wanted to write a musical and produce it on the base.  To do that, he needed to sleep during the day.  He also mentioned that the nearby Navy base would also be producing a musical.  Berlin’s strategy worked.  He never had to rise again at 5am!

When Berlin was in his 70’s, Berlin had a challenge that he could not fix.  His employer was the public!  He did not know how to maintain the popularity of his music during the age of Rock n’ Roll with Elvis Presley singing White Christmas his way, not Berlin’s way.

Berlin stopped writing songs because he felt Rock n’ Roll pushed him out of the picture.  He became a recluse.   In 1989, Berlin died in his sleep at the age of 101.  Composer George Gershwin called Berlin the greatest songwriter who ever lived.

I believe Berlin was very clever and could have fixed the fit.  I believe that his ego prevented him from fixing the fit.  He retreated for 25 years.  What a loss!  What do you think?

After talking about Berlin, Dr. Arlene interviews two of her clients, two professional women, who were ready to quit their jobs when she started working with them.  Both clients, physically sick agreed “Not to Quit their jobs no matter what.”  They followed Dr. Arlene’s advice, implemented her Right Fit Branding Strategies, and extended their tenure.  They learned that they could successfully Fix the Fit. 

Listen to Dr. Arlene's WIN Without Competing show, Episode 90, Don't Quit Your Job: Fix the Fit.

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