Thursday, December 1, 2016

Brand Yourself Without the Shackles of Erroneous Assumptions!

What erroneous assumptions are you making about your career which are stopping you from achieving unparalleled success? Let's find out!

  1. Professional prepared resumes will present my brand.
    I have reviewed thousands of professionally prepared resumes, and I cannot find any brands. The same is true of business websites which are sterile and anonymous. Employers initially spend seconds looking at a resume. The brand is the hook to entice them to look further. You do not want a brandless resume!

  2. Employers need to interview many candidates to compare and contrast
    them to identify the "best."

    Employers need to select the Right Fit candidate. Comparing and contrasting candidates does not yield the Right Fit nor the best. If all the candidates are the wrong fit and the employer picks one they have picked the wrong fit.

  3. Candidates cannot close on the first in-person interview.
    If a candidate wants a position, it is critical to close fast. If you can close on the first in-person interview, you will stop the employer from interviewing other candidates. I refer to this as stop the employer from shopping for candidates. Your goal on the first in-person interview is to convince the employer that you are the one Right Fit for them. Do you know how to do this? I do. If you skillfully use my Right Fit Method, you can close on the first in-person interview as long as you make no erroneous assumptions.

  4. Hiring marketing firms to blast your resume from Burbank to Bombay is a wise approach.If you believe that turning your resume into spam is wise, so be it. Moreover, if a search firm presents you to their client employer and they already have your resume, they cannot represent you. Unknowingly, you shot yourself in the foot. Remember your resume presents you, a precious commodity.

Capturing the Right Fit job is a complex task. Do not make the erroneous assumption that you can wing it. Learning how to use the strategies that constitute my Right Fit Method are critical to achieve unparalleled success. After you capture the Right Fit job, then what? That's the beginning of a new journey. It's amazing how fast employers change their minds about Right Fits. It's up to you to convince them that you are not just the Right Fit, but invaluable. Do you know how to do this? I do! You must use my Right Fit Strategies.

To cure yourself of erroneous assumptions and to learn how to use my Method call Dr. Arlene 310-443-4277 or email


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Dr. Arlene & barro global:

After holding high-level healthcare executive positions and making significant innovative contributions with global impact, Dr. Arlene entered the world of executive search and tested her Right Fit Method. She was setting the stage to become an entrepreneur.

In 2003, Dr. Arlene, creator of the Right Fit Method and Right Fit Branding Strategies, founded barro global search, inc. a retained executive search firm, to design innovative search solutions for corporate clients. After her book WIN Without Competing! was published, Dr. Arlene expanded the services of the firm, which now has three divisions.

Dr. Arlene, behavioral educational psychologist, is a UCLA-trained PhD with distinction for her doctoral dissertation on creativity. Innovation, Contribution, and Impact characterize her career.
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 About Dr. Arlene

Dr. Arlene Barro, behavioral educational psychologist, author of WIN Without Competing! (nominated for a business book award) and the 5-star app & cow video iBrandU4Hire: Rate Your Brand Zero to Hire, is a UCLA-trained PhD with distinction for her doctoral dissertation on creativity. Dr. Arlene, Branding & Hiring Expert, is a Business Consultant and Master Career Coach, Professional Motivational Speaker represented by AEI Speakers Bureau, Radio Talk Show Host of the WIN Without Competing! show, and CEO of barro global search, inc.

Dr. Arlene, business and career strategist, consults with clients coast-to-coast and places candidates globally.

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