Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Job Seeker WINS the 2009 Right Fit Award!

An Invitation to Listen to the Winner

You are cordially invited to attend Dr. Arlene Barro’s live on air coaching session of the Winner of the 2009 Right Fit Award on her WIN Without Competing! Show, featured on BlogTalkRadio, Wednesday, April 22nd at 5pm PDT. The winner’s name will not be disclosed until the day of the show.

To Listen Live
Call 347-308-8200
Go directly to the show.

To Listen Archived
Go directly to the show.

About the Contest
Barro global search, inc. of which Dr. Arlene is the founder and CEO conducted a nationwide contest to find the Right Fit Winner who has been unemployed for six or more months, not read WIN Without Competing! nor listened to the show. The failed job search strategies of the winner include blasting resumes from Burbank to Bombay. The winner represents the millions of unemployed who are using the same ineffective strategies.

To select the winner, barro global search did not compare and contrast contestants to identify the best. Instead, we focused on who matched the Blueprint of the Right Fit.

Dr. Arlene and the listeners of her show will follow and encourage the winner until he or she hears “You’re Hired.” And then…

Eager to learn more? At 9am PDT or after on April 22nd visit...

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