Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Listen to Dr. Arlene coaching the winner LIVE!

The winner of the WIN Without Competing! Contest will be Dr. Arlene's guest on her BlogTalkRadio show Wednesday April 22nd at 5pm PDT.

Here are the qualifications of the winner who is currently unemployed:

  1. Chronically unemployed or unemployed for six months or more: needs to know how to find a new job
  2. Did not read Dr. Arlene’s book WIN Without Competing! Career Success the Right Fit Way
  3. Believes that years of experience significantly impacts hiring
  4. Blasts resumes from Burbank to Bombay: needs new career advice
  5. Makes few, if any, cold calls in pursuit of a new position: needs phone interview strategies
  6. Has difficulty getting interviews: needs to take charge
  7. Not called back for a second interview: needs successful interview strategies
  8. Unable to close the deal and hear “You’re Hired”
  9. Willing to share personal stories publicly and has strong verbal communication skills
  10. Searching for new strategies to use to find a position, not a job, and eager to learn.

Dr. Arlene will demonstrate during her WIN Without Competing! Show featured on BlogTalkRadio Wednesday April 22nd at 5pm PDT how her Right Fit Method works, create a personalized plan to search for the Right Fit job, and give the winner her book WIN Without Competing! Career Success the Right Fit Way. Dr. Arlene will follow up the winner on a regular schedule, report back to the listening audience and bring that person back after he or she is hired.

To listen to the WIN Without Competing! Show visit

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