Thursday, August 16, 2012

Act Now Before They Do

Act Now Before They Do!

Shortly, the Republicans and the Democrats will be holding their conventions.

How will that impact you?

Here's my take. After both conventions conclude, employers could view hiring from a new perspective, depending upon who they believe could win the election. Some will downsize their employees, others will put a freeze on hiring, and then there will be some who could decide to accelerate hiring.

Given that we can only speculate, I heartily advise that if YOU are in the process of closing a search, it is imperative that you do so immediately. For those who want to capture a new position by the end of 2012, you must accelerate your search now.

Be sure that your resume communicates your brand and that you take charge of the employer interview.

For my advice, call my office: (310)443-4277 to arrange a time to speak with me.

"Procrastination is the death knell for career success." - Dr. Arlene

A Conversation with Dr. Arlene

Arrange a 45-minute or 60-minute conversation with Dr. Arlene to discuss her business or job search strategies including Create and Implement the Right Fit Blueprint, Interview without Resume or Introduction and to master the mindset of Manage the Process and the Pick, Probe, and Pitch broadcast. And of course, you must Master the Number ONE Blockbuster Business and Career Strategy!

To arrange your conversation, call Dr. Arlene at 310-443-4277. You will receive her book WIN Without Competing!: Career Success the Right Fit Way. The appointment must be arranged on or before August 20th and take place before August 30th.

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