Monday, August 27, 2012

Presidential Branding?

Presidential Branding?
Shortly, the Republicans and the Democrats will be holding their conventions.
Are the presidential contenders branding themselves wisely?
Here's my take. In my opinion, they are not. The mudslinging on both sides is supposed to serve as a sledgehammer to destroy the opponent. The success of that approach is questionable.
What should the contenders be doing? Only pitching themselves and acting as if the other does not exist.
When you present yourself at an interview, you must adopt the mindset that I am the one and only Right Fit. That means you never think about or ask whether other candidates are interviewing for the postition that you want. Your goal is to convince the employer, at the first interview, that you are the One Right Fit. If you do not, then the probability of you getting the job decreases as employers continue to compare and contrast candidates, or decide to eliminate the job.
Now is the time to accelerate your job search. Be sure that your resume communicates your brand and that you take charge of the employer interview.
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"Procrastination is the death knell for career success." - Dr. Arlene

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