Thursday, July 30, 2015

Donald Trump, Front-Runner: Not Fit to be President?

Like mice in a maze, the Republican Presidential Candidates terrified of Donald Trump ask, “Why is he moving my cheese? We can’t have change!” Some candidates lash out stating that Trump is not fit to be president.

Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, calls Trump “a cancer on conservatives”.  Senator Lindsey Graham calls Trump a jackass.  What did Trump do? He publicized Graham's phone number in one of his speeches.  What did Graham do? He created a humorous video, in which he stars, explaining how to destroy a cell phone pointing to Trump as the culprit.

What is really happening?  Trump focuses on topics which elicit emotion, e.g., illegal immigration emphasizing the poor performance of Republicans in managing and controlling the situation. He provides a solution which he vows to implement, if he becomes president.

Those candidates who cannot accept Trump’s communication style to present his brand and point of view cannot accept him deviating from the traditional career politician mode.  Their rigid behavior and inability to accept change, demanding that all candidates must meet their traditional standards, demonstrates that they may not be fit to be president.  Why?  We should not hire a president who cannot comfortably change quickly.  Rigidity is the enemy of creativity.  Divergent thinking is the hallmark of creativity.  A rigid president will not be creative, which is necessary for innovative solutions.

Trump is vetting the candidates for us! We can see how they respond to him.  Trump focuses on results.  Do they? The wise candidates make no comments about Trump and talk about their brands, not his brand. They are not taking his bait! He is getting almost all of the media attention.  Why give him more media?

Trump, a brilliant strategist, forces the candidates who are weak to reveal their weaknesses; the wise candidates ignore him. 
Thank you, Mr. Trump, the Republican front-runner, for vetting yourself and the other Republican Presidential Candidates.  Let’s see what happens on the first Republican debate on August 6th, which is an opportunity for us to vet them further.

Note: The Chairman of the Republican National Committee recently met with Trump.  Since then, the fireworks between Trump and the other candidates stopped.  Temporarily?  Can they control themselves at the debate? Who will WIN Without Competing?

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