Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Learn How to Orchestrate Unparalleled Business and Career Success in 2015!

Behavioral educational psychologist, Dr. Arlene says, “Our diagnostic tools will detect and delete commonly believed erroneous assumptions about Core Identity, Employers, and Branding to set the stage for unparalleled success.”

barro global search has been studying the impact of assumptions on business and career success since 2003.  The three diagnostic tools that we created focus on changing the trajectory of a business or career by eliminating erroneous assumptions and uncovering that which is not readily apparent.  To do that, information needs to be synthesized from many sectors to reach reliable and valid conclusions, necessary for making Right Fit Decisions.

The Three Decision-Making Tools are: The Dr. Arlene Annual Core Identity Checkup™, The Dr. Arlene Employer L.I.D. Evaluation™, and The Dr. Arlene Brand Assessment Scale™.

Why do you need to evaluate your Core Identity?

In a rapidly changing society, the forty-year career in the same organization is almost extinct. Employees must plan ahead and change their careers in response to their own professional and personal needs, taking into account economic “ups” and “downs”.  Entrepreneurship for some is a long-term solution; for others a short-term fix for those waiting to become employees again.

The Dr. Arlene Core Annual Checkup will:
  1. determine your current Professional Core Identity
  2. assess whether you are an Employee, Entrepreneur, or Both
  3. balance or rebalance your Professional and Personal Life
Why is it important to do your Core Identity Checkup Annually?

Changes may have occurred in your Personal and/or Professional Life necessitating the rebalancing of the Core Identity, as well as, making a shift in your Professional Identity.  Do not ignore the telltale signs indicating that changes must be made.  It is easier to prevent a problem than treat it.

Feeling stuck, befuddled, and uncertain about your next career step, as well as, frustrated about not having enough time for your Personal Life, schedule you Checkup now.  After meeting with Dr. Arlene by phone or in-person for your Checkup you will breathe a sigh of relief.  You will be ready to forge ahead, watching your success soar while enjoying a balanced life.  

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 About Dr. Arlene

Dr. Arlene Barro, behavioral educational psychologist, author of WIN Without Competing! (nominated for a business book award) and the 5-star app & cow video iBrandU4Hire: Rate Your Brand Zero to Hire, is a UCLA-trained PhD with distinction for her doctoral dissertation on creativity. Dr. Arlene, Branding & Hiring Expert, is a Business Consultant and Master Career Coach, Professional Motivational Speaker represented by AEI Speakers Bureau, Radio Talk Show Host of the WIN Without Competing! show, and CEO of barro global search, inc.

Dr. Arlene, business and career strategist, consults with clients coast-to-coast.

Dr. Arlene Barro
(310) 443-4277 (dir)


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