Friday, December 5, 2014

Where is the Brand? Evaluate and Find Out! Dr. Arlene says, “ Communication Tools: websites, blogs, videos, social media profiles, and resumes are not brands. Stop making that erroneous assumption. I don’t want you or your business to be brand-less.”

Change the trajectory of your business or career with a distinct, intriguing, and recognizable brand.  Call Dr. Arlene at (310) 443-4277 to arrange a 15 minute free consultation to evaluate your business or career brand online (social media profiles, websites, blogs, videos, etc.,) and on written materials (resumes, curriculum vitae, etc.) OR email  Write “Brand Evaluation” in subject line.

At the conclusion of the brand evaluation, you will hear Dr. Arlene say, “brand-less, ineffective brand, or effective brand.”  Together, we can create the Right Fit Brand to achieve Unparalleled Business or Career Success in 2015.

Listen to Dr. Arlene on the WIN Without Competing radio show to learn more about Right Fit Branding.  Dr. Arlene selected these nine shows just for YOU!

Igniting Your Brilliant Brand or Business for Unparalleled Success

How can barro global's Unique Brand Impact Your Success?

Boost your Brand: Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders

Oozing With Success! Three Oozing With Success Strategies

Take Off Like A Rocket! 5 Success Strategies

Ignite, Fire Up, Explode Your Business Brand For Unparalled Success

Branding Yourself or Business for Unparalleled Success

iBrandU4Hire: Rate Your Brand: Zero to Ten

Pursue Corporate Entrepreneurship for Success Extraordinaire

 About Dr. Arlene

Dr. Arlene Barro, behavioral educational psychologist, author of WIN Without Competing! (nominated for a business book award) and the 5-star app & cow video iBrandU4Hire: Rate Your Brand Zero to Hire, is a UCLA-trained PhD with distinction for her doctoral dissertation on creativity. Dr. Arlene, Branding & Hiring Expert, is a Business Consultant and Master Career Coach, Professional Motivational Speaker represented by AEI Speakers Bureau, Radio Talk Show Host of the WIN Without Competing! show, and CEO of barro global search, inc.

Dr. Arlene, business and career strategist, consults with clients coast-to-coast.

Dr. Arlene Barro
(310) 443-4277 (dir)

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